Moraig DeWitt

Moraig deWitt - Aromatherapy

Wildlife and portrait artist ...... reflexologist and holistic massage therapist

Aromatherapy - Essential Oil Therapy

First discovered in France, Aromatherapy, or Essential Oil therapy is the art and science of using naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.
It uses one hundred percent pure oils to help a number of ailments

Within the confines of correct understanding and dose, essential oils are safe to use on animals, babies, children, adults and natural insecticides and household products.
~ relieves colic in babies and as a  digestion aid in adults
~ relief for tendinitis, tennis elbow, muscle sprain and
~ relieves arthritis and rheumatism
~ helps any respiratory problems including sinusitis and 
~ lowers high blood pressure or raises low
~ relieves emotional problems such as anxiety and stress
~ heals fungal and viral infections eg athlete’s foot,  psoriasis,   eczema,  cold sores
the list is endless.......

Massage Essential Oil Blends
~ tension & general stress
~ anxiety & depression
~ aching  muscles & fatigue
~ arthritis & rheumatism
~ cellulite & water retention
                 ...other specific problems