Moraig DeWitt

Normandie Holistic massage - Moraig deWitt

Holistic Aromatherapy Massage

Greek word 'holos' meaning whole aims to restore balance, promote healing, calm the mind and settle emotions. 
Holistic Massage is a treatment guided by sensitivity, awareness and quality of touch. It is enhanced by the use of pure essential oils.  The combination of the two relieves tension, stiff muscles and joints and encourages better circulation. In addition it promotes relaxation, reduces stress, aids in sleep and increases energy. 
it involves
 - a chosen blend of oils or oils mixed for a specific       ailment and a choice of:
        a smooth relaxing firm and rhythmic massage 
        a deeper knot-releasing massage
        an addition of hot / cold stones

                                relaxing, soothing, firming, nourishing, wellness

Wildlife and portrait artist ...... reflexologist and holistic massage therapist

      Full Body 
 - smooth but firm relaxing massage 
duration (including short consultation): 50 minutes                     €60.00 
 - a deeper knot-releasing massage:       60 minutes                     €70.00

    Upper Body    (shoulders, back, neck arms and hands) 
 - smooth but firm relaxing massage:     35 minutes                     €40.00
     - a deeper knot-releasing massage:   40 minutes                     €50.00