Moraig DeWitt

Wildlife and portrait artist ...... reflexologist and holistic massage therapist

Hot / Cold Stone Therapy

 is an ancient therapeutic treatment dating back thousands of years and uses Basalt or Volcanic stones.  
The choice to use a contrast of Hot and Cold stones jolts the body’s responses and stimulates the blood vessels to dilate in the tissues, flushing them with fresh blood and nutrients, which are essential for natural healing to occur.  
It flushes toxins from the body, cleaning and invigorating as it does so and is deeply relaxing
it involves:
During the massage, water-heated basalt stones are 
placed at specific sites of the body to promote relaxation, 
release energy blocks and to allow herbal oils to 
penetrate deep beneath the skin’s surface. 
The placing of the stones is followed by a massage which 
is deeper and more intense as heat penetrates the body 
and relaxes the body and mind.

The use of Marble Cold Stones is optional as it is not for everyone.  
​It leaves the body feeling relaxed yet exhilarated and energised.

deeply relaxing, healing, energising

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

      Full Body 
 - smooth but firm relaxing massage 
duration (including short consultation): 50 minutes                     €70.00 
 - a deeper knot-releasing massage:       60 minutes                      €90.00

    Upper Body    (shoulders, back, neck arms and hands) 
 - smooth but firm relaxing massage:     35 minutes                     €50.00
 - a deeper knot-releasing massage:       40 minutes                     €60.00